The Challenge

Build a motorcycle Dealership brand that can be as recognisable in the Tri-Cities as the brands it represents.  Take an idea and create a legacy that will span the generations and grow into much more than just a bike shop.  Use the latest tools and technology to market to the masses and turn all of this into profit.

The Solution

We started with a logo that speaks to the customer.  One that is strong and reminiscent of the industry.  From there we tied in each of the brands keeping the colour scheme and them consistent.  Then all marketing and branding maintained this look without fail.  Each campaign, customer visit and sales process strengthened the brand identity to what it is today.  Epic!

Complete Corporate Identity

Compelling Marketing Campaigns

Point of Purchase Media

Events and Promotion


Corporate Branding


Website Redesign


Email Marketing Clickthrough

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Site Boosted Sales By 30%

Mobile Refresh

Mobile optimized Dealer Spike website takes advantage of the 65% mobile click-through rate to

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Having a very fluid and intuitive search function on a dealership website is essential.  This was achieved in both a desktop and mobile version.

Extensive Demographic Studies

Rethinking the demographics and how to approach Apex Cycle’s specific customer base increased internet leads by 200%

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