Blackmont Objectives:

  1. Deliver measurable solutions for our clients to identified target markets
  2. With Operational Excellenceand Speed

What We Do

Project Methodology:


  • Market research to determine the need for the project and customer requirements
  • The design and build of the project
  • The development of the financial business case for the project
  • The design and implementation of all service delivery
  • Identification and development of all marketing communications materials and sales tools
  • Coordination of the public relations strategy.

Concurrently, we provide:

Project Scheduling, that enables coordinated work efforts across project lines and client needs

Risk Management:

We manage project risk in a marketing and project development environment, in the concept phase and any subsequent phase after that.

We will identify:

  1. Technical risks associated with the technical aspects of the project
  2. Market risks associated with the potential market in which the project will be sold.
  3. Financial risks looking at the effectiveness of the project cost and benefits financially over the project lifecycle
  4. Organizational risks related to the organization makeup; gaps in internal skillsets; sales force competency and cross-functional groups effectiveness.

Our Goals

  1. To clearly articulate the value of what our clients are trying to accomplish. Their objectives and strategies must always be the driver for our project management processes
  2. To provide quantifiable measures to determine project progress. We will articulate our clients’ vision and progress toward that vision.

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